Class TwoStepsGOV3Function<T>

    • Field Detail

      • n

        protected final long n
        The number of keys.
      • transform

        protected final TransformationStrategy<? super T> transform
        The transformation strategy to turn objects of type T into bit vectors.
      • firstFunction

        protected final GOV3Function<T> firstFunction
        The first function, or null. The special output value escape denotes that secondFunction should be queried instead.
      • remap

        protected final long[] remap
        A mapping from values of the first function to actual values, provided that there is a first function.
      • seed

        protected long seed
        The seed to be used when converting keys to signatures.
      • width

        protected final int width
        The width of the output of this function, in bits.
      • rankMean

        protected final double rankMean
        The mean of the rank distribution.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TwoStepsGOV3Function

        protected TwoStepsGOV3Function​(Iterable<? extends T> keys,
                                       TransformationStrategy<? super T> transform,
                                       LongBigList values,
                                       File tempDir,
                                       BucketedHashStore<T> bucketedHashStore)
                                throws IOException
        Creates a new two-step function for the given keys and values.
        keys - the keys in the domain of the function.
        transform - a transformation strategy for the keys.
        values - values to be assigned to each key, in the same order of the iterator returned by keys; if null, the assigned value will the ordinal number of each key.
        tempDir - a temporary directory for the store files, or null for the standard temporary directory.
        bucketedHashStore - a chunked hash store containing the keys associated with their rank, or null; the store can be unchecked, but in this case keys and transform must be non-null.